Room for two adults.
Lightweight Durable Plastic
with Matte Finish.

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The Blind Turtle
This is quite honestly the most versatile hardshell blind on the market. By utilizing seamless one piece construction we have the most weather proof, durable, lightweight unit available. It can be hunted on the ground and brushed in with good sized logs because it will not collapse under the weight. Each blind comes with shoot-thru mesh to eliminate “black holing” which savvy whitetail are known for. Lexan windows in tinted and clear are also available.
The Blind Turtle can be set up in the air using our lift kit to reach the most comfortable hunting platform you will find.

$939.00 in Green, Black or Tan
$989.00 with Double Windows
Lift Kit sm

(Lift Kit Not Included)
"Without a doubt, the best gun and bow blind on the market!
Mike Dickees - Mikes Archery Inc.